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Vidéo du team de la marque de Slaystank, attention gros niveau de Wakesurf.

Le Wakesurf de nos jours prend de l’air et les riders posent des tricks de plus en plus aérien et inspiré du skate.



slayshTank and the Riders Coalition is a riding based media and apparel company founded upon the lifestyle of wakesurfing, wakeskating, and skateboarding. The collaborative nature of the Riders Coalition brings Artists and Riders together in way that breeds original content and a shared passion for shred, schralp, and slaysh.

As a sponsorship company slayshTank supports some of the top riders in wakesurfing and wakeskating. As a result we have quickly become one of the fastest growing community of shredders on the web with our Rider Profiles. Submit your video for a slayshTank Profile page and be considered for the Pro Team and other sponsorship opportunities.

As a media company slayshTank provides an opportunity for both growing brands and established companies to connect with customers, riders, and media professionals in the exploding cross-over wake industry. Contact us for more information about how slayshTank can help your brand or business connect with the wakesurf, wakeskate, and skateboard industries. From graphic design, photography, web design, film, and music production, the slayshTank production team consists of creative minds and determined individuals. Each individual offers their own specialized services and we encourage organizations looking for creative work to contact our production team.

For more on the Riders Coalition, our products, and our sponsorship programs visit:

The video was shot and edited by AJ Aguirre

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